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Leadership Pack Contents

Leadership Report (42 pages) - In-depth analysis of your Leadership Profile. How to develop your leadership potential and skills. Which industries will value your natural leadership style. The changes typically required when moving into a leadership role.

Influencing People Using Myers Briggs (165 pages) - How to lead and manage each of the personality types. How to recognise the types of the people you lead. How to influence your followers and build more productive relationships. Practical guidebook.

Personality Type Report (18 pages) - Easy to read introduction to your personality. How to interpret and use your results.

Self-awareness Game Cards (56 cards) - Card game that helps you understand what makes you tick. Can be printed on plain paper.

Type Dynamics Report (23 pages) - Advanced, in-depth analysis of your personality. Deeper insights into the mental functions and how you use them.

Careers Report (50 pages) - Compares your preferences with the demands of each career.

Leadership Questionnaire

The MMDI™ Leadership Pack is based on the theory of C.G. Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers. It helps you develop your leadership potential and skills in three ways, by:

Thousands of people have used the MMDI Leadership Pack to develop their leadership understanding. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

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Reports are provided in PDF format and can be downloaded after you complete the leadership questionnaire.

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