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Free Personality Test
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Please read each pair of statements and select the radio button nearest the one you agree with most. If you agree or disagree with both, select a button near the middle.

I really enjoy comforting other people who feel hurt or upset
I really enjoy forming my own explanations of how things work
I really enjoy getting people to organize themselves better
I really enjoy thinking about what I believe is important
I really enjoy dreaming up imaginative ideas
I really enjoy getting things done as and when they arise
I really enjoy it when I can get to know one thing/person really, really well
I really enjoy it when things are constantly changing
I really like building better relationships between people
I really like finding logical flaws in theories or explanations
I really enjoy thinking about the unfathomable
I really enjoy accomplishing immediate tasks
I get annoyed if people insist on following procedures
I get annoyed if people won't compromise over their private convictions
I get annoyed if people change things that are already working well
I get annoyed if people want all the facts before trying anything new
I very much like trying out new ways of doing things
I very much like contemplating my own observations
I very much like holding fast to my own, personal values
I very much like checking that everyone has done what they were meant to do
I very much like forming my own rationale of why things happen
I very much like taking care of other people's feelings
I very much like thinking about what is in the unknown
I very much like doing practical things that have a tangible result
If need be, I am comfortable taking an individual stand on my personal beliefs
If need be, I am comfortable imposing rules on other people
People irritate me when they invest effort in something that will soon be obsolete
People irritate me when they think so much about the future that today's tasks are left undone
People irritate me when they make notes of every detail
People irritate me when they start new, experimental initiatives
I really enjoy a theory when it is true and correct
I really enjoy relationships when there is a lot of rapport
I feel very satisfied by challenging the status quo, to shake things up a bit
I feel very satisfied by reviewing my own experiences and knowledge
My personal convictions are the most important thing
Following the rules is the most important thing
I feel very satisfied by imagining a radical vision of the future
I feel very satisfied by taking immediate action to deal with things as they arise
I feel very satisfied by building a more appreciative atmosphere amongst friends
I feel very satisfied by figuring out for myself how something works
I really enjoy having my own moral compass to guide my thoughts and beliefs
I really enjoy overcoming opposition to get people to do what they are supposed to do
I enjoy getting things done
I enjoy anticipating the future
I enjoy changing things to see what happens
I enjoy thinking about what I know
I enjoy meeting friends
I enjoy solving problems on my own
I feel satisfied when I'm dealing with a crisis
I feel satisfied when I'm contemplating the mysterious
I enjoy gathering lots and lots of information
I enjoy flitting from one activity to another
I feel satisfied when my explanations are correct
I feel satisfied when others have good relationships
I feel satisfied when others follow the correct procedures
I feel satisfied when I can adhere to my personal values
I dislike having to compromise my values
I dislike it when there is chaos around me
I dislike doing the same things again and again
I dislike ambiguity and lack of clarity in information
I dislike conflict between people
I dislike incoherent theories
I enjoy seeing the tangible results of my efforts
I enjoy closing my eyes and contemplating whatever images and thoughts come to mind
I enjoy thinking about the past
I enjoy working towards a better future
Getting life's day to day tasks done is what matters most
Knowing where you are going in the long term is what matters most
Thinking logically is what matters most
Caring for others is what matters most
Having a well-prepared plan is what matters most
Adhering to one's conscience is what matters most
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