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MMDI reports are highly tailored to the individual, to provide valuable insights and analysis. You can administer multiple reports without the need for expensive qualification - subject to observing the terms and conditions of use. Use our credit calculator to find out how little it costs.

Step-by-step instructions

To administer multiple personality reports for a team:

  1. Register at
  2. After registration, click on "control panel"
  3. Click on "credit calculator" and follow the prompts to calculate and purchase the credit you need
  4. Return to your control panel
  5. Enter the team name in the box, and press the Create button
  6. Follow the prompts to obtain a questionnaire link
  7. Send the link to members of the team

When they complete the questionnaire, they will get their reports without the need for any further action from you. You can view the reports via your control panel.

By Steve Myers (Google verified).

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