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How INFJs can develop


The development of personality occurs in phases throughout life. For someone who is young, the main task is to develop use of their preferred mental functions. As one matures, however, and approaches midlife, there is often a need to develop greater comfort with using your non-preferences. This can help you increase your performance at work, and increase your ability to deal with different people and circumstances.

Midlife development

As with all types, an INFJ can achieve personal growth by developing those functions that are not fully developed, through actions such as involving others in the development of one's own personal vision or goals, investigating and collating hard facts/data, and learning how to plan and control projects. It is the area of logistics that presents the greatest challenge, and potential for growth, for that doesn't depend on people's growth or development and it requires taking a more objective approach than is natural for an INFJ.

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By Steve Myers (Google+).

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