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MMDI™ Personality Test

The MMDI™ Personality Test provides the most advanced and meaningful personality test on the internet. It is based on research into career enjoyment with people who are already in the job. The optional reports show which careers are most enjoyable for each personality type.

Unique prediction of your job enjoyment

In addition, the MMDI reports predict your level of job enjoyment. This is a unique analysis, not available anywhere else, that is based on the match between your unique personality profile and the demands of each job. The optional leadership report matches your leadership potential with the requirements of being a leader in different industries. You can compare your personality with your current job for free at

Other resources

In addition to the personality test, our most popular resources include: Steve Myers' blog on analytical psychology, Personality Type Descriptions, an overview of Myers Briggs theory, The Basics of Team Building, What Career is Right for Me?, and Career Ideas. We also have a corporate website for the bulk purchase and administration of multiple personality reports. See our quick guide for more information.

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