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This profile is based on research with 17,000 people already in careers. The optional Careers Report compares your personality with over 100 careers.

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Career balance of styles

Each of the 16 personality types (ENFJ, ISTP, etc.) refers to a particular style of behaving or thinking. You use all the styles, and your personality type (which you share with hundreds of millions of people) indicates which style you prefer to use most. The balance that you like between the different styles is unique to you. The diagram, right, shows the balance of styles required in a typical pharmacist job. Use the drop-down box to select a different career.

You will enjoy a career more if the balance of styles required in the job matches the balance that you prefer. You can find out how well they match by completing our career test. The optional Careers Report matches your unique personality profile with over 100 careers.

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