How ENTJs can irritate others


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Each personality type can potentially irritate other people in their own particular way.

How ENTJs might irritate others

The potential ways in which an ENTJ can irritate others include taking control when it is their role to do so, issuing directives sometimes without explaining the reasons why, and dominating the team. Also, if you are in charge, you may not take sufficient account of others' feelings, and drive the team too hard. There may also be a possibility that you decide too quickly, without sufficient consultation with others, and don't take sufficient account of current realities. As a result you may end up introducing too much change, rather than leaving well-established, workable routines alone.

How to improve relationships

You can overcome personality type differences by learning about your similarities and differences with other people. This leads to greater understanding, appreciation, and respect. Also, if you learn to adapt your style this will make you more influential and respected.

There is a comprehensive guide on how to do this in the book Influencing People Using Myers Briggs. This is available as an option when you complete the personality test.

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