ESFJ Personality Types In-Depth


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Each letter in the personality type code - E, S, F, and J - describes a preference for a way of thinking or behaving. There are eight styles and you use all of them, but ESFJs prefer:

If your closest personality type is ESFJ then you seek to develop harmony in relationships, and promote cooperation and teamwork. You regard the needs of others as very important, perhaps more so than your own, and seek to recognise their contributions and make them feel valued. You encourage and motivate others, engender team spirit, and try to overcome any conflict by finding common ground and ways in which people can agree.

Stereotypes and Individuality

The original author of personality type theory - Carl Gustav Jung - said that everyone is individual and unique. The personality types are not strict classifications, but stereotypes that are akin to landmarks on a map. Just as a few landmarks can help you find many unique locations, so too the personality stereotypes can help you understand your unique personality.

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