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Career Enjoyment: assistant manager

An assistant manager is someone who carries out many of the actitivities of a manager, but without taking primary management responsibility. Whereas a manager's success often depends on the quality of judgments, stratgegies, etc., an assistant manager's success depends more on the skill in being able to implement the policies or decisions that someone else has already made. This career tends to have salaries in the range £15-35k (based on research in the UK). Typically, therefore, it has an earnings potential that is near to the national average.

Views from people doing the job

The common feedback from people in this career was:

Enjoyment Rating

When we asked people in each career to rate their job for enjoyment, on a scale between 1 (low) and 6 (high), the average rating for all jobs was just over 3.5. The average score for this career - assistant manager - was 3.5, making it as enjoyable as the average career. This is only one part of what makes a job enjoyable. You can find out how well your unique personality fits the job by completing our personality questionnaire.

Behavioural Demands

The table shows the balance of preferences that are required in this career, using the language of the Myers Briggs model of personality. This career therefore involves:

The demands of the job
 E I
S N  
 T F  
 J P

Job Profile

Job Profile
stretch diagram

The wheel provides a more detailed view of the types of behaviours required in this career. Each segment represents a behavioural style. Lighter segments indicate that you need to use that style more in the job. On a PC, you can hover the mouse over a segment for a brief description.

Lighter/redder segments show the types of behaviour you will need to use more of, i.e.: supporting particular values; working towards ideals; solving immediate problems or crises; doing things that have an immediate impact on people.

The job does not involve as much: challenging the status quo; starting new initiatives.

Comparison with your personality

You can find out how well your personality matches this and all the other careers by completing the MMDI personality questionnaire.

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