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Team Building Articles

Team Dynamics

An introduction to what team dynamics are, how they can affect team performance, and how to overcome them.

Team Dynamics Questionnaire

Assess your own team's dynamics with a questionnaire and comprehensive online report.

The Basics of Team Building

An introduction to the basic concepts of team building - and how to tell whether you need to focus on individual skills, small team relationships, overcoming team islands, or changing organisational culture

Employee Incentive Programs

How to design Performance Related Pay schemes that help to motivate your staff.

Resolving conflict

Conflict is a good thing! It is only bad when managed badly. This article introduces a process, based on game theory, that can be used for resolving conflict between individuals or team members.

How to achieve cultural change

Changing the culture of an organisation is a difficult, long term task. However, most change programmes fail because they do not follow a few basic rules. This page outlines a simple but successful approach to cultural change.

Running Corporate Team Building Events

Corporate team building events represent a major investment, not just of cost but also of staff and management time. This article describes how to get the best value from them.

Tuckman's model

The Tuckman model of development (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing) was developed a long time ago, but is still useful today. This simple summary table provides a comprehensive list of characteristics of teams at each stage, and what types of actions are required by the team leader.

An introduction to teamwork

An introduction to the principles of good teamwork, and how you don't always need good relationships to achieve good performance.

Good Practice in Staff Surveys

Staff Surveys can play a significant role in corporate team building. This article introduces some key principles you need to follow to get the most benefit from such a survey.

Overcoming Team Islands

This article describes the principles to use when designing events in order to deal with team islands.

Classic team quotes

There are many quotations on teamwork. This page provides a short list of the all-time classics.

How to Choose the right Team Building Exercises

There are lots of team building exercises you can use. But which ones are right for your team? This article helps you decide.

The difference between small group and corporate team building

This article explains some of the differences between trying to improve the performance, spirit and relationships of 7 people and 70.

Team Building Activities

A comprehensive guide to activities that can be used to build your team.

Stress Management for Team Members

Team members can sometimes experience stress in their roles and need support from colleagues. This article describes how to recognise and deal with the causes of stress.

Assertiveness for Team Members

An online course showing you how to be more assertive. Of general interest, but particularly relevant for team members.

Using funny videos for dealing with difficult people

Funny videos are more than just entertainment, as this article explains. Sometimes they can be used to diffuse difficult situations, or make, in a subtle way, team members aware of the impact they are having on a team.

Working out your team role

An article that describes the different team roles that you can undertake within a team.

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