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Myers Briggs Compendium

Articles and resources related to Myers-Briggs theory.

MMDI Questionnaire (free alternative to the MBTI®)

Our online MMDI (Mental Muscle Diagram Indicator) helps you work out your personality type. It produces one of the sixteen four letter codes (the same as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® instrument) and another code to show your unique personality.

Myers Briggs overview

A short introduction to the basic concepts of the Myers Briggs model of personality type.

'Slides' introduction to Myers Briggs

This is a fun alternative introduction to the Myers Briggs model of personality. It contains a series of 48 slides, with cartoon character Dunstan introducing the basic Myers Briggs type concepts.

Myers Briggs Criticism

An article that looks at some of the criticisms that are made of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, by psychologists and in the media.

The dynamic model

For those who want to understand Isabel Briggs Myers' model in more depth, this includes a description of functions, the dynamic relationship between them, and the meaning of the four letter code in dynamic terms.

Myers Briggs Type Descriptions

The links in the table, right, lead to descriptions of each of the personality types. You can also get detailed descriptions by completing our personality type questionnaire.

Keirsey temperament compared with type

The temperament theory of David Keirsey (made popular in the book Please Understand Me) uses the same four letter code as Isabel Briggs Myers' system. However, although they used the same letters, they meant different things, and this article explains the differences.

Navigating Mid life

A description of the changes that take place during mid life, from a Myers Briggs perspective, and how this can sometimes be experienced as a 'mid life crisis'.

Marriage and type

Personality type can have some important implications for partner relationships. This article takes at look at some of the issues involved.

Executive recruitment: whether to use Myers Briggs

Can the MBTI questionnaire be used in recruitment? This article flags up some of the big mistakes that can be made.

Personal Growth

This article is for advanced users (eg: who fully understand the 'dynamic model' described above). It considers the relationship between external factors and personal preferences and how they might influence personal growth and development.

Psychological Schemas and Jungian Functions

For highly advanced readers only: a visual simulation of the relationship showing how the Jungian functions impact the personal psychological schema.

Advice on free personality tests

There are many 'free personality tests' now available on the internet. Read this page before you complete one.

Comparison between the MBTI, MTR-i(TM) and Belbin® questionnaires

If you are interested in the relationship between these three questionnaires, this article contains a simple comparison between the three.

Myers Briggs type descriptions

Each of the Myers Briggs types is described in overview, with detail of what makes them tick (type dynamics), contributions to the team, how they can develop, and their reactions to stress.

Sweatshirts, Mugs

Put your personality type on a sweatshirt, t-shirt, mug or cap

The articles in this compendium are by Steve Myers - no relation to Isabel Briggs Myers.

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