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Career Ideas For Different Personality Types

To find career ideas that will suit your personality, the first step is to complete a personality-based career test. This will enable you to see which careers are most popular for your personality type.

Both the test and online report of your personality type are free. There are optional extra reports that will help you develop your career potential.

An important decision
Choosing a new career is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. It can affect your happiness and prosperity for many years to come.

The impact of personality
The degree to which your personality matches your career is a big factor in whether you will enjoy it. A poor match can lead to demotivation and poor performance. A good match means you are more likely to be successful and will enjoy going to work.

The need for research
If a career looks attractive, it does not necessarily mean you will enjoy it. The experience of a career from within is often different to how it appears to those outside the career. This means you need to speak to people who are already in the career to find out what it is like. This can be a very time-consuming task and, for most people, this amount of research is not practical.

Find out which careers you will enjoy
We have done the research for you. We gathered the views of 17,000 people in work, to find out what each career is like. We also built personality profiles for each career, so they could be compared with your personality. The MMDI Career Pack gives you a summary of the results and matches your personality with over 100 careers. Based on the research, it gives you lots of career analysis, such as an estimate of how much you will enjoy each career and what you might like or dislike about it.

Discover your personality type

Another way to find career ideas is to look at those careers each personality type chooses most frequently. However, this does not necessarily lead to the most enjoyable career. You can see frequently-chosen careers for each type by clicking on your type in the table, right. If you don't know your personality type, complete our free personality test first.

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