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Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building

Corporate Team Building is the process of galvanising the whole organisation around collective goals, thereby improving business performance and creating a positive and motivating culture.

The aims are the same as for small groups, the main difference is in the scale.

Doing things "small"

When you are trying to improve a small group, the main areas to focus on are:

If any individual in a small team leaves or joins, it significantly affects the dynamics of the team. The individual relationships and personalities of all team members can have a big impact on team performance. Performance can be turned around like a small boat: it can quickly improve or quickly start going in the wrong direction.

Doing things "big"

When you are involved in a process of corporate team building, there are a new set of issues to focus on. It becomes more akin to changing the direction of an ocean-going liner: it takes a long time. Individuals have very little impact on the organisation, except for the small number of people at the very top; but even their behaviours take a much longer time to impact overall organisational performance.

The main focus of Corporate team building is not personalities and interpersonal relationships, but rather structures and processes. Corporate Team Building has to address:

Corporate team building can include offsite events and activities, but they are only the icing on the cake. The main priority is cultural change.

We have another page that provides information on running successful cultural change programmes.

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