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Management without Leadership


Management without leadership controls resources to maintain the status quo or ensure things happen according to already-established plans.  For example, a sports referee manages opposing teams to ensure they keep within the rules of the game.  However, a referee does not usually provide “leadership” because there is no new change, no new direction.

The absence of leadership should not be confused with the type of leadership that calls for ‘no action’ to be taken. For example, when Gandhi went on hunger strike and called for protests to stop, during the negotiations for India’s independence, he demonstrated great leadership - because taking no action was a new direction for the Indian people at that time.

Also, what is often referred to as “participative management” can be a very effective form of leadership. In this approach, a new direction may seem to emerge from the group rather than the leader. However, the leader has facilitated that new direction whilst also engendering ownership within the group - i.e., it is an advanced form of leadership.

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By Steve Myers (author verified by Google)

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