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MMDI™ Leadership Styles

Based on Myers Briggs/Jungian theory

Leadership styles based on Myers Briggs theory
Leadership Styles
Participative Ideological
Change-oriented Visionary
Executive Theorist
Action-oriented Goal-oriented

Leadership theorist

When someone is being a leadership theorist, they are trying to identify the best models or explanations of how the organisation works and how it can improve its performance. Leadership theorists often try to keep abreast of different types of leadership research, and incorporate the better theories into their own understanding of how the organisation they are leading operates. A leadership theorist often influences an organisation by improving the hidden dynamics that can have a positive impact on overall performance.

Examples of leadership theorists include academics, writers, trainers and executive coaches. Executive coaches, for example, use leadership theories to analyse the leader's personal development and/or interactions with the organisation. Through forming relevant explanations of the leadership/organisational dynamics, the executive coach can give the leader insight that helps to plan appropriate changes to the leadership actions that are taken.

Leadership theorist is the preferred style of INTPs and ISTPs. It makes use of the Jungian function Thinking, in an introverted direction. There is an optional leadership pack that examines your use of each of the leadership styles and how you can develop.

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