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Welcome, JaFF, to your MMDI™ online report. Personality type is a powerful theory. It has helped many people find a new career, improve their relationships, develop their leadership skills, and deepen their self-awareness.

How much do you want to learn?

A little learning is a dangerous thing

Alexander Pope

Your personality is complex and unique, much more complex than a code that has only 16 variations. If you make important decisions based on your personality type code alone, it can lead to poor decisions. You might end up in a career that you don't enjoy, fail to develop your potential, or damage an important relationship. To make better decisions about your future you also need to learn about the unique aspects of your personality.

The optional video (top right) introduces your results. This online report goes through them in a bit more depth. It also describes the contents of the full report pack that will help you make better decisions about your future, career, and relationships.

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Results for JaFF

Your unique MMDI code is qrld. It identifies your unique combination of preferences. Your closest personality type is ISFP and second closest is ESFP.

If your closest personality type is ISFP then you have some deeply-held values that, even though your life may be somewhat unstructured, direct the things that you do and say. You probably take a caring and sensitive approach to others, more so than may be apparent to others because you showing your feelings in acts of kindness rather than in direct statements. You probably have a strong sense of the type of lifestyle you enjoy, which you want to maintain.

Your most natural leadership style is probably Ideological Leadership. Ideological leaders achieve through the promotion of ideals and values. They keep the focus of the group on those things that are most important. Ideological leadership is founded on a strong belief system that is shared by the group. It focuses effort on supporting those beliefs or championing causes with which they are associated.

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