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Simulation of Intuition

Creating new nodes near the schema, but without a joining line

In the simulation (below), you can see that lots of new nodes in the schema are continually being created, expanding the range of entities represented in the schema. However, they are not often connected together - there is an implied relationship between them, but no actual connection.

This represents intuition as creating new entities by unconscious connection with the existing schema. Each new node opens up the potential for further nodes. Therefore, What interests intuition most is the periphery of the schema.

This simulation takes no account of the role of memory. It is likely that each entity created could rapidly decay because of the level of processing - ie new nodes/entities could be created, but the original node that was the point of departure could be forgotten about.

"Intuition tries to apprehend the widest range of possibilities" (C G Jung, Psychological Types, p367)

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