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Outdoor team building activities

This page gives you some ideas on outdoor activities for team building and corporate events. There are three types: individual activities, team activities or a category in between that are individual activities where other team members can get involved.

outdoor team building activities

Individual Activities

These are examples of individual sports, but can be used on team events: you compete in teams and add your scores together:

Team Activities

In these activities, the team has to work together

Individually-focused team activities

In these 'in between' examples, one person in the team has to lead, or do most of the work, but is aided and abetted (or hindered, perhaps!) by colleagues.

These are just a few ideas; in fact, the list is endless. Providers of team building services, in competing for business, are often producing wilder and wackier things to do than you can imagine.

For information on how to make the right choice of activity, see our article on choosing the right team building exercises.

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