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Performance Management System

For Teams

This series of articles describes a performance management system for teams: a systematic process for changing team behaviours in a way that leads directly to increased performance and business benefits.

At the core of the process is the principle that team performance can be improved using the following basic steps:

1 Identify your behavioural goals
This might include canvassing opinion from the team, customers, management, staff, peers and others on what behaviours will lead to team success

2 Measure your current behaviours
Assess your team's current behaviours using the same behavioural framework as that in step 1, to enable direct comparisons

3 Undertake a gap analysis
Identify the most significant gaps between target/current behaviours

4 Close the gap
Design a programme of training or a series of team actions that will change the team's behaviour
5 Monitor
This includes monitoring of the programme of improvement, remeasuring 'current behaviours' to make sure they are making progress towards the behavioural goals, and taking corrective action when insufficient progress is being made.

Define the Team

A preliminary step in this performance management system is to define the team. A team definition consists of:


Performance Management System:
Part 1: Defining Team Standards

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