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Working out your Myers Briggs type (continued)

How do you prefer to process information?

In the form of known facts and familiar terms
In the form of possibilities or new potential

If it is in the form of facts or familiar terms, it is called Sensing, denoted by the letter S. If it is in the form of possibilities or new potential, it is called iNtuition, denoted by the letter N (N is used rather than I, to avoid confusion with Introversion). The term Sensing is used because information is taken in primarily by way of the senses. The term iNtuition is used because information is perceived primarily in an intuitive fashion.

Sensing tends to be interested in tangible reality, focusing on the present, and seeing what is, rather than what might be. At an extreme, Sensing can have its feet so well and truly on the ground that it misses out on possibilities for the future.

The preference for iNtuition gives a greater emphasis on insight and the future, focusing on what might be, rather than what is. At an extreme, iNtuition can focus so much on possibilities that it loses touch with current realities.

Sensing tends to communicate in direct ways, whilst iNtuition prefers to communicate in different ways. The following table shows words that are normally associated with each of these two preferences.

Sensing iNtuition
practicality aspiration

Next, we'll look at how you like to make decisions, and how you like to organise your lifestyle.

Article 4 - Thinking and Feeling, Judgement and Perception

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