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process management: Articles and Resources


Articles, resources and case studies on BPR (Business Process Reengineering), process management and workflow, including tools and software that can support process monitoring and improvement.

an introduction to business process management

This articles introduces my other articles on this site looking at business process management, the issues of business processes and the techniques of business process improvement By Peter SG Carter

business process improvement

There are many techniques used to analyse and improve business processes. This short article explains what they are and what they mean. By Peter SG Carter

issues found in business processes

What are the typical issues found in business processes when they are left undisturbed for many years. This article looks at just a few and the consequences to organisational efficiency. By Peter SG Carter

the importance of business processes

This article introduces the principle of business processes, what they are, and why organisations should look at their own processes with a view to improving them. By Peter SG Carter

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