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Strategies to improve team dynamics


Team dynamics are complex and multi-layered - being the result of the interaction of many factors (personalities, roles, structure, culture, etc.).  To improve team dynamics there needs to be a diagnosis first, to identify the type of intervention that will have the right impact.

In the diagnosis stage the current team dynamics are investigated to identify the primary factors causing any problems or lack of team performance.  This typically involves a Team Health Check - individual structured interviews with team members in a private, safe, and confidential environment.  Where appropriate, it can also be useful to include people outside the team in the Team Health Check - e.g. senior management, significant customers, or other stakeholders.  If you would like us to conduct a Team Health Check for your team, please contact us.

The type of intervention depends on the outcome of the Team Health Check.  In some cases, the Team Health Check itself can have a cathartic or therapeutic effect - it gives individuals the opportunity to air their views openly in a consequence-free environment.  In most cases, the Team Health Check enables the independent Team Consultant to identify how the team can make progress.  There are many types of intervention that can affect team dynamics, some examples being:

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