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What is assertiveness'

How To Be More Assertive

What is

Four styles

Rights and

Positive beliefs

Being direct

disagreement constructively

Managing the other
person's behaviour
by enforcing
a process

Building rapport

Focusing on facts

Focusing on

Stopping put-down

Text Book Techniques

action planning

What is Assertiveness'

How To Be More Assertive: Part 1

Here are some definitions of "to assert", drawn from different sources:

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

To vindicate or defend by argument or measures; to declare strongly; to lay claim to; to insist upon; to affirm; to bear evidence of.

To state or express positively; to defend or maintain (one's rights, for example).

Game theory

A win-win; you and the other person both get what you want.

The Assertiveness Pocketbook

Enjoying your rights, expressing your feelings, asking for what you want, stating your views - with integrity, honesty, directness, respect for others.

There are many different views on what assertiveness is. But what matters for this course is the definition that is relevant to you and your circumstances.


Why do you want to be more assertive?

If you don't learn to be more assertive, what might you lose (or not do, or not achieve) as a result?