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What is assertiveness'

How To Be More Assertive

What is

Four styles

Rights and

Positive beliefs

Being direct

disagreement constructively

Managing the other
person's behaviour
by enforcing
a process

Building rapport

Focusing on facts

Focusing on

Stopping put-down

Text Book Techniques

action planning

Managing People who are not Assertive

How To Be More Assertive: Part 7

Both people in a dialogue need to be assertive in order to get to a satisfactory solution. If the other person is not being assertive it can cause problems:

To manage the other person's behaviour, you may have to temporarily suspend your own concern's and point of view, and manage the structure/agenda of the discussion. This means:

A process

Here is a simple process that you can use:


How To Be More Assertive:
Part 8: Build Rapport